Top 7 Lighting Options for Livestreaming

Two types of lighting are available to choose from, softbox and desktop lighting. The softbox works on the premise of limiting the light from the LED lights to a closed room and then releasing it via at least one layer of diffusive material. When light from LED lights passes through the translucent material, it is dispersed across a large area.

A softbox is used in two ways: as the primary light source and as an additional light source to lessen the contrast. Although any light source can be used to create a key or fill, filling with bright light produces poor results. On the other hand, softboxes are perfect for filling light since they do not cast harsh shadows. Nowadays, softboxes are comprised of lightweight materials and come in various sizes.

Any skilled video producer would understand that size is the primary distinction between softbox and desktop lighting. Softbox lights have traditionally been employed for photography, and they take up a lot of room in a studio setting. On the other hand, desktop illumination is easily installed on the desk, such as an LED ring light or fixed to a camera. As a result, Softbox lighting can save you a lot of money and setup space if you work in a tiny environment.

Types of Lighting for Live Streaming

The benefit of high-quality streaming lighting is that you may utilize a single light within your budget and still end up with a good-looking video, or you can invest in a more professional high-quality lighting setup. However, the best light is required to illuminate the video feed properly.

The Key Light

The leading light is the primary light source and should be placed behind the camera. Many streamers utilize
a ring light to surround the camera, such as the Neewer ring light kit for more advanced possibilities. A simple clip-on desk lamp can also achieve a decent lighting effect.

Livestreaming is a fun experience, and one doesn’t need some fortune-worth of gear to make it happen. This is
because the beginner-level studio lighting gear will yield reasonable outcomes. However, if you are a live podcaster or create Livestream podcasts, not having enough light equals grainy and noisy live streaming. So, if you struggle to find the right lighting equipment while adhering to quality and affordability, we have lined up some fantastic options!

What is a practical light?

A practical light is an actual working light that appears in a scene. This can be a household lamp, a TV, candles, Christmas lights, or a number of other light sources, and in this guide, we will look at lighting an interior scene solely with practical lights — which will cost you no more than $30.

Light Positioning During a Live Stream

We should think about where to put the equipment, whether it’s desk lamps, ring
lights, or studio lights.

Three-Point Lighting: Standard 3-point lighting is the most typical configuration for live stream lighting and videos. However, to get a balanced look with no shadows and a sharp appearance, lighting from three different angles is ideal. First, the key light will glow directly even if set at a little angle. Then, slant the fill light below the main point to reduce shadows. Typically, the backlight is angled to generate shapes.

Lighting in a loop

This simple setup for beginners usually results in a flattering professional look. The key light is positioned slightly above eye level and exclusively on one side of the camera. To avoid shadows, you’ll need to fill the light.


This simple setup for beginners usually results in a flattering professional look. The key light is positioned slightly above eye level and exclusively on one side of the camera. To avoid shadows, you’ll need to fill the light.

Best Lights for Video Broadcasting and Live Streaming

Is your live stream room well-lit, or is it in a basement with no windows? The lighting of items is critical. Below is a list of the greatest streaming lighting.

MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit

The Softbox MountDog lighting package is the best option if you have enough room. It is simple to set up, light, and inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for novices. In addition, the product may provide diffused, consistent light by employing aluminized fabric to channel the light through the inner surface.

The aluminized fabric can serve as an excellent reflector. It also produces an extraordinarily soft stream of light and removes shadows for flawless shots. As a result, it is appropriate for general photography.

Moreover, the product is of good quality because it is manufactured of high-grade nylon. It has 210 degrees of rotation and a height adjustment range of up to 53 inches. The size of the larger softbox is also 20 x 28. It can minimize light loss and disperse light to the greatest extent.

The 95 W bulb can help you save electricity. It appears professional and is simple to install. It may also be folded for easy storage and comes with a convenient carrying case.


  • It appears professional
  • Flip flops for safe storage
  • A carrying case provided
  • Simple to construct


  • A few pieces are not long-lasting

Elgato Key Light

The greatest option for streamers who want to keep consistent camera lighting and high-quality video. These lights can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including streaming media, video making, photography, and shooting.

Elgato’s key light power is commendable. The light has a metal frame and a powerful 2500 lumen output. While this is the costliest lamp on this list, exceptional items are required to deliver the best results when attempting to develop brand recognition.

Elgato’s key light intensifies the video, and it also has color temperatures that can be adjusted from very warm 2900 K to ultra-white 7000 K. This range indicates that the light can change at any time. The stand and handle allow you to position the light on a monitor or table, underlining its versatility.

Lighting control is provided by the Corsair app. After the initial setup, changing the color temperature and other functionalities is simple. You can even change the parameters without pausing the streaming by sliding the knob on various lights.


  • It appears professional
  • Flip flops for safe storage
  • A carrying case provided
  • Simple to construct


  • A few pieces are not long-lasting

Fovitec Softbox Continuous Lightin

The Fovitec softbox continuous lighting kit is one of the greatest solutions for softbox lighting. This kit’s pricing is exorbitant compared to other possibilities, but the quality is superb.

The Fovitec kits are the best since they provide numerous modification choices for the stream lighting based on the desired setup. There are three socket heads and three softbox lights in total; each softbox is 20 x 28 inches.

If you want the most professional video streaming, the three softboxes will cover the left and right sides and the top to ensure there is no shadow. Although lighting can provide bright highlighting in your studio, this setting is energy efficient and reduces energy consumption during photography sessions.

The kit includes 1000 W bulbs, fluorescent lights, and a handy carry case is included. This bag can hold anything, making transportation a breeze.


  • The control panel allows you to control individual lamps
  • Excellent for small and medium-sized spaces
  • Softbox is simple to change


  • Confusing instructions
  • Difficult to configure

LED Ring Light 6′′ with Tripod Stand

If you want the greatest lighting for streaming video games, the 6′′ LED ring light is a perfect choice. The ring light can be used for inside lighting setups with insufficient lighting.
This ring lamp’s adjusting possibilities are also valuable for a climate with uneven light dispersion throughout the day.

Not only can the brightness be changed, but so can the color temperature of the light since the device has 11 brightness settings. The color temperature can also be changed to white, warm white, or yellow.

The LED ring light is designed for newcomers and is ideal for live streaming on Twitter or YouTube. It is phone-compatible and can connect to PCs, power banks, and other electronic devices through USB.


  • The ring light is incredibly inexpensive
  • 11 different lighting modes with varying color temperatures
  • Remote control


  • Very basic and not customizable
  • Ring lights do not illuminate huge regions

Aputure 120D Mark 2

In comparison to older variants, the Mark II video lights are more durable. The new model 120D has a Kelvin rating of 5500 and is appropriate for a wide range of devices. These lights have a universal Bowens mount,
a wireless remote control, temperature adjustment, and a versatile carrying case.

The new 120D Mark II’s tungsten bulb has a brightness of up to 1000 watts, which is 25% higher than the previous generation, making it competitive and best suited for high-quality studios. It offers studio managers a wide range of applications and coverage of varied shooting environments. Mark II additionally contains illumination effects such as thunder and fireworks that can be programmed. It is also ideal for photographs by offering them several alternatives.

The ability to adjust between 100% and 1% using the remote control and integrated power supply is one of the best features of the Aputure 120D Mark II video light. The redesigned fork frame design allows for up to 330 degrees of adjustment. It is useful for adjusting the angle and directing the light in any direction. The fully color-coded cable system provides greater flexibility. The equipment weighs only a few kilograms, allowing photographers to take it with them wherever they go.


  • It is built of aluminum and is lightweight
  • The current locking system makes it safer than prior models
  • It is simple to install in demanding settings


  • It’s a little pricey

Neewer Super Slim LED Video Light

Neewer Super Slim is a nice cross between Godox and Elgato Key Light. It is ideal for those with a limited budget who want to improve their setup. The color temperature range of the Neewer super thin is 3200 to 5600 K, making it more adaptable than the Godox. Screen size and lumen dispersion, on the other hand, might lead to inefficient lighting, resulting in less illumination.

Furthermore, Neewer Super Slim is strong and skilled. It delivers clean, constant lighting and quickly increases the stream’s quality. Unfortunately, longer streamers may necessitate a more advanced model than this one. Because the battery should be recharged every several hours, you cannot light your stream while it is charging. If you want a permanent lighting configuration, you must purchase an adaptor from Neewer.

The mounting bracket has a light, which is a benefit. The light can also be mounted using a universal kit compatible with handheld devices, cameras, and stands. Neewer Super Slim can be utilized in various applications if you wish to stream in real life.


  • It is very effective at a low cost
  • It has a uniform illumination stream
  • It is simple to install and can be used for a variety of purposes


  • No adaptor is supplied
  • There is no remote control; therefore, modifications must be made in the light

Falcon Eyes SO-28TD/SO-68TD Flapjack Lights

Because they feature a round, flat construction – almost like a vanity mirror
– “Flapjack” panels are among the most popular lighting types. Falcon-Eyes offers two types of panels: SO-68TD and SO-28TD, both of which have proven as excellent high-quality light sources.

These are slightly more expensive than the Viltrox lights, but are more robust, have a bigger surface area, and emit more light. The SO-28TD panel has a 14- inch diameter and emits around 2460 lux. The SO-68TD panel has a diameter of approximately 26 inches and a maximum emission value of 5920 lux. They can be readily powered by AC adapters or batteries.

Many filmmakers and YouTubers love utilizing these lights because of their high quality and nice light output. They are also regarded as the greatest lighting source for live and video broadcasts. Falcon Eyes can serve as a suitable replacement for Key Light, which is only used on the spot and the streaming platform.


  • Bi-color temperature
  • Adjust numerous lights at the same time
  • 360-degree U-bracket
  • AC and NP-F battery power supplies are interchangeable


  • The remote and the battery are not included


Although many people associate live streaming with Gamers, the Livestream podcast is growing, and it’s time to get into the game, podcasters.

The opportunities provided by streaming media platforms are endless, and innovative streaming platforms are experimenting with many sorts of streaming before finding their optimal fit. Of course, your live stream will necessitate a unique set of lighting conditions, but it’s important that the audience concentrates on the full Livestream.

In these instances, podcasters may want to explore employing the video lighting options mentioned above. It’s well known that lighting enhances the worth of any live stream. When choosing, you want something adaptable, efficient, and small enough to match your lighting setup. Although light specs are important, adjusting the output and dimming or brightening should also be considered for flawless streaming video.
Fortunately, we live in an era where the best lighting options are both affordable and reasonable. As previously said, each lighting setting is thought to be the best for your live stream setup.

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