Podcast Livestream Audit

Podcasters, have you ever asked yourself the following?

After years of developing our own podcasts as well as working with other podcasters, we noticed the landscape of podcasting from Audio-Only to Livestream/Video becoming necessary for podcast success.

We realized the #1 Problem for podcasters is not getting started. The #1 problem podcasters are facing is discoverability and audience engagement. 

If these two solutions fail to exist, podcasters run into PODFADE, and some give up entirely.

All Podcasters wish more people would find their podcast. At Podcasters Live, we believe attracting the right people – your Tribe – of listeners is more important.

It can be frustrating trying to figure out what to do next or what exactly to focus on.

A successful video podcast has seven key elements for success

Each element builds upon the other, and they are all necessary for every Livestream podcast. 

A podcast audit gathers information and relies on the insight of others to help you become more successful.

A podcast Livestream audit is a major time saver on the road to success.

Why work with us?

Our first 20 live streams were massive failures – audio issues, inadequate show flow, and poor audience engagement due to lack of promotion. We had put over 100 hours of preparation and actual show time.

In all honesty, we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Therefore, we had to learn through testing, going live, relearning – testing, going live, and on and on. Eventually, we have accumulated thousands of hours testing our podcast livestreaming processes.

After 100+ Livestream episodes, we started noticing progress and decided to pull the pin to help others with their Livestream podcast.

We began achieving our goals we had for the podcasts:

As a result, our coaching business began to produce more leads and convert them into clients.

Here’s what we know, as a podcaster, you have similar goals and some different than ours, but the process for achieving them are the same.

Podcasters Live’s mission is to help podcasters of all levels build their audience and boost their discoverability via live-streaming.

After years of developing our own podcasts as well as working with other podcasters, we noticed the landscape of podcasting shifting from Audio-Only to Livestream/Video becoming necessary for podcast success.

As a result, we constructed our Seven Elements for a successful Livestream podcast.

In this audit, we will compare your podcast against these elements and give you insight into what to focus on next.

Who is this for?

This podcast audit is for Podcasters who want to grow faster with their podcast! Whether you have an existing Livestream podcast or want to know how to start one.

It’s intended for those who understand that relying on guesswork is a bad strategy for turning a podcast idea into a successful podcast.

It’s intended for podcasters who recognize that using the experience of someone who has done it before and has a system is much faster and easier.

How Does It Work?

First, we gather your podcast/Livestream information and data. You will be asked to answer some questions as well as provide access to your podcast data. The most important questions are:

  • What is your “why” behind your podcast?
  • What problem does your podcast solve?

Then we audit the data and compare it to our best practices and what we know works.

Finally, we will hold a 1–2 hour video call to discuss the results. We will discuss the following topics throughout this call:

At the end of this session, we provide you with a clear picture of what you should do next to take your podcast to the next level. Together we craft a roadmap with action steps and priorities.

What You Get

Having your Livestream podcast audited by an expert with proven experience is a huge shortcut to success!

Reach the podcasting success you’ve always desired.

Don’t Go in it Alone; we are here to help you on your journey to success.