Is the Shure SM7B Good for Livestreaming?

One of the most sought-after microphones, the Shure SM7B has become a number one choice for content creators, and it isn’t wrong to say Podcaster Joe Rogan is the reason for its popularity. This microphone is a great option for voice commentaries and podcasts, but what does it do for livestreaming? Ranging from exceptional warmth to cardioid dynamic configuration, it has everything one needs for livestreaming, and we are here to share other details! Quick disclaimer, I currently use the Shure SM7B in my livestreams as well as to record my podcast episodes – It Rocks! Now onto the blog!

Shure SM7B Microphone – The Brief

This well-known cardioid dynamic microphone became a preferred streamer’s choice. The microphone is integrated with a pop filter which helps remove background noise as well as breathing sounds. It’s integrated with yoke mounting and a captive stand for better control when positioning the microphone – it also makes it easier for livestreaming as you don’t have to move it around. In the sections below, we are sharing more features that make Shure SM7B suitable for livestreaming.

Build Quality & Design

This microphone boasts all-metal construction and has a high-end build. Honestly, it can be pretty heavy, but that eventually works in your favor as it won’t wiggle around. In addition, the metal build makes it a durable choice. When it comes
to design, it’s pretty understated with a grey and black color scheme. This color scheme makes it suitable for different work environments, including recording studios, live streams, and podcasts.

EQ Features

The microphone is known for a wide-range frequency response that’s pretty smooth, making it suitable for professional speech and music applications. Additionally, there are in-built stubs on the bottom, allowing the users to change the frequencies. It can be used for boosting the highs and mid to provide voice presence, resulting in clear sound. Even more, it can taper off the bass in case you want deep, natural, and consistent frequency.

Polar Patterns

Shure SM7B has a cardioid pickup pattern focusing on the sound from the front and avoiding the sound coming from behind. It is a dynamic microphone that does a great job suppressing the background noise. As a result, the speaker will sound extremely clear as the background noise is removed. So, as long as you talk into the microphone’s top, you will have a clear and noiseless sound.

As a Live Streamer, you know how important it is to keep the noise level low, and this microphone has a polar pattern. With this pattern, you can easily move the microphone towards you without worrying about fussy background sounds. Moreover, it helps reduce echo and reverb from the room.

Power Prerequisites

Considering the microphone’s power, you need a high-end audio interface and preamplifier, which are essential to supply ample gain*. This is because if there isn’t enough gain, the microphone won’t pick the minor sound details during the livestream, which is important for producing a warm presence.

*Microphone gain increases the amplitude of a microphone signal. Gain boosts signal strength from mic level to line level, so the microphone signal is compatible with professional audio equipment.


It goes without saying that accessories are important to streamlining microphone performance because they enhance the gain and optimize sound quality during livestream. Shure SM7B will need the following accessories to maximize its capabilities:

  • Boom arm – It is important to support the microphone’s heavyweight. It would be best to choose a boom arm with a cable management system for hiding the XLR cables and creating a clean livestreaming station
  • Audio interface – If you are serious about livestreaming, it’s vital to choose high quality preamplifiers as it helps change the EQ settings and maximize your sound quality.
  • Preamplifiers – You can opt for portable preamplifiers to improve the signal gain
  • Windscreens – The windscreen is needed to prevent the chances of popping sound, and it’s best to choose the windscreen that comes with the microphone as it has the most suitable performance

Frequency Response

Shure SM7B is known for its frequency response designed for the speaking voice, but it is actually very versatile. The frequency response ranges from 50Hz up to 20kHz. In addition, there is a presence boost and low roll-off.

Mid-Range Emphasis

Providing a boost that helps bring in the human voice frequency. With the help of a mid-range emphasis switch, the high-mid and mid frequencies are accentuated, which improves the voice articulation as well as airy quality.

To summarize, all these features and accessories make this high-end microphone an excellent choice for livestreaming, podcasts, and videos.

It’s a thumbs-up from us!

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